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You know what it looks like: dimpled, uneven skin, most commonly on your thighs and buttocks.. Cellulite affects the vast majority of women. Many believe cellulite to be a fat problem that can be eliminated through diet and exercise. But, as you may have learned through experience, you may lessen the appearance of cellulite by losing weight, but you can't get rid of it completely. And crash diets can actually make it worse.

It's not your fault. Fat isn't the main problem. It's a structural issue below the skin that only your physician can treat. Men typically don't get cellulite, because the structure of their skin is different from women's. This also explains why even very thin women can get cellulite, and why some heavier women don't.

Cellulaze is the first cellulite treatment that attacks the structure of cellulite for clinically proven, longer-lasting results.


There are three structural problems that cause the appearance of cellulite. First, connective tissue bands that tether the skin to the deeper tissue can become tight. Second, enlarged pockets of fat trapped by the rigid bands push up against skin. Finally, thin skin makes the appearance of cellulite even worse. And you know what that means-the dimpled, orange peel look that makes you cringe.

Other factors associated with cellulite are aging, heredity, hormones and weight. Any effective cellulite treatment has to address more than fat and the surface of skin. Cellulaze is the first cellulite treatment that attacks the structure of cellulite, for longer-lasting results.


Creams, lotions, pills and many other cellulite treatments must be used repetitively to treat the appearance of cellulite.

And while staying in shape through diet and exercise is always a good idea, no amount of sweating or starving will make a significant dent, or significantly reduce the dent in your dimples. Why? Because cellulite isn't a fat problem. No, the problem lies beneath your skin where other treatments don't reach.

Cellulaze is different. It's the first and only cellulite treatment that targets the actual structural problems underneath the skin, to give you proven, longer-lasting results from just one simple cellulite treatment. Cellulaze uses a laser fiber to release the tethering bands of tissue, reduce bulging fat and help shrink loose skin.




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